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Recommending Pat Gaffney in the highest possible way

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Recommending Pat Gaffney in the highest possible way

February 9, 2018 @ 1:48 pm
by admin
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On a recent business trip to the Northwest, I finished early and had an extra day in the Aberdeen area of Washington to relax before flying home to the east coast. I have always been an avid fisherman, but being from the East coast, I knew nothing of the Pacific Ocean fed rivers around the area I was in. I asked a couple guys at the local sporting goods stores and a few fisherman coming off of one of the rivers east of Aberdeen where to fish and what to use with a frequent name being mentioned. I got the gents name and gave him a call, although he was booked solid, he gave me options on other days, told me where to fish, and took the time to help me try and get a bit of shore fishing in before my flight. After a long conversation with Pat, I decided to call my wife and take a later flight to meet him and take a spot on his boat the following day. Although his boat was filled with rookies that didn’t know a thing about fishing, he took the time to show everyone of us the best techniques for the type of fishing we did that day, and best of all, put us on top of a large amount of fish that seemed to be a novelty once back on the boat launch. Almost every boat coming in was skunked. I was not only impressed with the way he switched up different baits,depths,and locations to get us all hooked up with fish, he did it with ease while untangling everyone’s lines,operating the boat,and baiting everyone up. Out of the dozen or so guided trips I have taken over the past few years in different states, I would have to say that this young gentleman was the best of the best! Recommending Pat Gaffney in the highest possible way.
James F Queens NY

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