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TopGuidesNW is the best Columbia River Fishing Guide Service and notably one of the top and most well known fishing guides in the Northwest. We have been a Fishing in Washington and Oregon along with most waters all over the Northwest and many fishing guides in local areas and all over Washington and Oregon look to TopGuidesNW for everything from fishing conditions, how to information, the latest bait info and where to buy the best fishing guide boats and fishing tackle to how to actually start, maintain and or run a fishing guide business.

There is more to being a fishing guide than just catching big fish and putting a smile on your customer's face. Lots of fishing guides know how to fish. Not many know what a client is really looking for in a fishing trip. Making your clients happy is important. But keeping them coming back is even more important. Contact us and find out how to make the most from proper use of your current customer list.
TopGuidesNW has taught and helped some of the best and most successful fishing guides in the area get started and become successful in their operations. Whether you just want to be a fishing guide as a part time endeavor, be a full time fishing guide, learn how to get the proper licensing, obtain sponsorships, pro-guide status, learn how to promote your business including learning how to get your website up and running correctly or anything else, contact TopGuidesNW.

TopGuidesNW also provides classes for the sportsman that is looking to fine-tune his arsenal and fishing skills for Fishing in Washington and Oregon. Anything from side drifting for steelhead and salmon, trolling, back bouncing, mooching, fly fishing, flycasting, anchoring techniques for Columbia River, reading water and finding the "hot spot", you name it. One day with one of our guides at TopGuidesNW will enhance your fishing skills and set you far above the average fisherman!!

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